Futuristic Industry Insights

Concise, informative, primary data on innovative trends, across industries & geographies.

How we’re unique

Primary Futuristic Data

Expert driven primary insights. With an inhouse panel of over 25,000 experts, our intelligence is backed by primary data. No secondary research, no eneric statements. Our expert led approach gives our clients forward looking intelligence, that aids decision making.

Key Intelligence Metrics

Our unique methodology focuses on providing metrics that define industry behaviour, and give you access to thought provoking insights, across industries and geographies. Our intelligence studies are aimed at providing comprehensive analysis of key market metrics, helping industry leaders deep dive into potential innovative solutions.

Customized Information

Looking beyond our key metrics?
Our in-house analysts, guided by an experienced panel of global experts, give you access to a whole range of customized intelligence studies, to guide you through fast paced business environments.Get in touch with us, to learn more about our approach, customizable studies and innovative solutions.

Unmatched Value

Single user intelligence studies are priced at a fixed value of EUR 599. Our goal is to couple the power of insight with an affordable solution to help businesses drive forward..

Futuristic Industry Coverage

Our focus is driven by industries that work on futuristic technologies and innovative solutions on a global scale

What Our Clients Say

“Concise, precise information in the most engaging format. Nextyn has brought fresh air to the crowded global research industry.”

Research Head

Global Industrial Automation Company

“The quality of information, and the price of their offering has made us come back to the team to customize some of the research we required. Using primary data is surely one of their main plus points.”

VP of Customer Insight

European Automotive Company

“Unique approach to presenting data. Their focus on key metrics has helped us get an understanding into global competitive landscapes. Being able to customize the insights to one specific market is something that suits our requirements well.”

Research Manager

Japanese Beverage Manufacturer

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Get in touch

We would love to hear from you!