Welcome to the induction process of the Nextyn professional network.

This process is mandatory for all professionals who wish to be registered as a part of the Network.

The process has the following three steps:

  • Step 1: Contact Information
  • Step 2: Professional Background
  • Step 3: Nextyn Professional Network Induction Tutorial

Please note, the process must be completed in a single sitting and cannot be saved as a draft for completion in the future.


Your contact information will help our team get in touch with you for potential consultation opportunities.


Kindly complete this section by either sharing your LinkedIn profile link or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Alternatively, if the first two options are unavailable, you have the option of completing this section manually.




Kindly complete this section by either sharing your LinkedIn profile link or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Alternatively, if the first two options are unavailable, you have the option of completing this section manually.

If yes, please mention the name of the company/ies





Your hourly rate confirms the micro-consulting fee you shall be paid for your services.

The current numbers suggest your proposed hourly rate, based on Nextyn proprietary algorithm. You are free to alter the rate to match your requirements.

Please note, this rate is inclusive of all applicable taxes in your respective country.

Rates for workshops, panel discussions and road shows shall be variable and shall be confirmed over email with the expert before the consultation is finalized.


You will now be required to complete a 10 minute tutorial, after which you will be inducted as a part of the Nextyn Professional Network.

Contents in this tutorial:

  • Introduction
  • Your Role as an Expert
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest

This tutorial would take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Please make sure to refer the Confidentiality Terms & Conditions of Engagement which cover these topics in an elaborate manner after this tutorial.


At Nextyn, we offer our Clients the opportunity to gather primary research and hear unbiased industry perspectives through consultations with our experts.

Nextyn helps Clients supplement their existing network of contacts by providing an efficient alternative to traditional networking.

Nextyn helps Clients:

  • Quickly learn about new industries
  • Hear multiple professional viewpoints
  • Research more efficiently
  • Work within a Robust Compliance framework


As a part of the Nextyn Professional Network, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • By joining the Nextyn Professional Network, you are not obligated to participate in any consultations. You may assess the topic of the consultation project and decline it for any reason.
  • You are a non-agent independent contractor of Nextyn.
  • You have no authority to act on behalf of Nextyn.
  • You are not eligible for any Nextyn or Client employment benefits based on your participation in the Nextyn Professional Network
  • You shall not identify any Client or Nextyn as your employer
  • You are joining the Nextyn Professional Network in your individual capacity and not as a representative or on behalf of any other entity (such as past or present employers), except as otherwise agreed in writing between such entity and Nextyn
  • Nextyn, in its sole discretion, may determine your eligibility for membership in the Nextyn Professional Network


During your participation in the Nextyn Professional Network, you SHALL NOT disclose confidential information, which includes:

  • Material, Non Public Information (MNPI), including MNPI related to any company, security, industry, or pending government action or legislation. MNPI includes the following:
    • Changes of Control, including mergers, splits, and spin-offs
    • Sale, disposal, destruction, or changes in valuation of major assets
    • Changes in expected earnings or losses
    • Changes in management
    • Changes in customer or purchase order
    • Entering or withdrawing from new markets/territories
    • Activities of an auditor
    • Changes in share capital and/or dividend rights
    • Insolvency measures or proceedings of a company or its debtors
    • Legal disputes and public/product liability claims
    • Changes in IP Portfolio, including new licenses, patents and trademarks
    • Awarding or termination of key contracts
    • Anything else that is likely to have a substantial effect on the market price of a publicly traded security
  • Proprietary Information, including trade secrets, copyrighted information, business information, belonging to past or present employers, companies for whom you have consulted, or any other third party
  • Non-public or confidential information related to pending government action or inaction
  • Information that you have a duty or have agreed to keep confidential (eg. by contract, fiduciary duty, etc.)
  • Information that was disclosed to you or to which you were permitted to access under the assumption or expectation that you keep it confidential
  • Information that you may believe may be confidential


You further agree to the following:

  • If you are an employee or director of a company, you will not:
    • discuss or disclose that company‚Äôs information (such as its performance, strategy, processes, operations, or internal metrics)
    • accept or engage in any Projects about that company
    • consult for any client you have reasonably believe to be a direct competitor of that company in each case without the express written consent of the company and Nextyn
  • If you are an auditor or a former auditor, you will not consult about organizations that you or your employer currently audit or have audited in the last three years
  • If you have worked in the accounting or finance department of a company within the last year, you will not discuss accounting or financial issues relating to that company or its affiliates
  • If you are an employee or director of any entity issuing securities in an initial public offering (IPO) or that has made, or is the subject of a tender offer or an entity that has acted on behalf of such a company in connection with such tender offer, you will decline all project invitations until the commencement of such offering or while the tender offer process is ongoing
  • If you are a lawyer, you will not give legal advice in connection with a Project, and you do not establish an attorney-client relationship with Clients through Projects
  • You will not give investment advice, including without limitation, rating or recommending any security, providing advice as to the value of any security, or providing any advice regarding the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling any security
  • You will not accept the compensation other than provided by Nextyn for your work performed for clients without first obtaining the express written consent of Nextyn
  • You will not record or transcribe, or permit any third party to join (expect with prior consent of Nextyn), your consultations with the clients


Restricted Information (as defined below) that is disclosed to or known by you because of your participation in the Nextyn Professional Network until such time as the Restricted Information has become publicly available through no action of your own, except to the extent required by law or as expressly permitted by Nextyn for the purpose of facilitating a particular Project. The following should be considered strictly confidential:

  • The identity of clients
  • Information about Projects, including Project invites and lists to which you are granted access
  • Information about any actual or potential business, investment or trading decisions, or transactions of any Client
  • Materials and information provided to you by Client
  • Financial information, including, revenues, profits, losses and margins
  • Internal forecasts, projections or results
  • Customer lists, contact details and sales volumes
  • R&D, product innovation and pending IP registrations
  • Existence and status of contractual negotiations
  • Clinical trial results/progress
  • Supplier relationships
  • Changes in management, actual or planned
  • Financing arrangements, actual or planned
  • Other information concerning specific business processes or corporate strategy
  • Any other non-public or proprietary information Nextyn or its Clients


Identifying Confidentiality Obligations

Before you take call, please review any agreements that could potentially restrict your ability to do outside consulting work. These include, and are not limited to:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Severance Packages
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Board Positions
  • Clinical Trial Participation Agreements
  • Other Contractual Agreements
  • Information you Agreed to Keep Confidential (NDAs)
  • Any other non-public or proprietary information Nextyn or its Clients


Thank you for completing the tutorial.

Please note, this tutorial only highlights important Clauses and is NOT a complete summary of the Confidentiality Terms & Conditions. Please read the Confidentiality Terms and Conditions for a more elaborate understanding of the topics discussed. Kindly select the checkbox below, and confirm your full name, to acknowledge that you have read and accepted all the Terms & Conditions mentioned in the document.

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